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Music of the Plants

Sustainable Paths - Supporting sustainable solutions in living, building, and reconnecting to nature.

Cooperative Homes


Co-Ops offer a caring and affordable housing option for elders and people of all ages.

Industrial Hemp


The 12,000-year old industrial hemp crop is reclaiming its place in society.

Music of the Plants

kids listening music of the plants device

This innovative device lets plants share their “feelings” through sound and instruments.

Meet Our Team


Learn about the people behind Our Home-Colorado and Sustainable Paths.


Our Mission

Sustainable Paths is dedicated to creating more sustainable and affordable housing choices, using green building solutions such as industrial hemp insulation in homes and buildings, and helping people reconnect with nature and protect the natural environment. We support the widespread use of renewable energy.

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Reconnecting to Nature

Sound Healer Kimba Arem and Plant Music Therapist/Researcher Teresa Helgelson discuss the healing effects of Plant Music.

Support Our Work

Help us run programs to increase society’s collective sustainability by making a tax-deductible donation.  Thank you!



After a three-year effort the Sustainable Paths team, in partnership with Boulder Housing Coalition, helped the City of Boulder enact a Cooperative Housing Ordinance on January 3, 2017.  The new co-op policy will provide Boulder residents of all ages another affordable housing option to enjoy living with friends and family in homes that can hold up to 12-15 adults. For our older population, this new law can enable active older adults to stay in their home and continue to live in Boulder, make good use of empty bedrooms, and share living expenses. See: Boulder Daily Camera Op-Ed. For more information, contact Neshama at

City of Boulder Grant

The Sustainable Paths Team won a 2016 City of Boulder Neighborhood Partnership Spark Grant to create a neighborhood support system for North Boulder elders living alone. Click to read Grant Summary of Results.

Sustainable Paths

Sustainable Paths is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization based in Boulder, CO, dedicated to creating more sustainability in people's lives. Three areas of focus include: creative housing options that produce resilient communities, the industrial hemp crop, and a Music of the Plants device that allows people to deepen their connection with Nature.

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