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The vegetable garden at Ostara co-op in Boulder, Colorado

Members of the Sustainable Paths team were part of a citizen coalition that worked for four years to pass the Cooperative Housing Ordinance in January 2017 — Boulder Ordinance no. 8119.

To read the ordinance, please visit:

We appreciate all the work Boulder City Council and City Staff devoted to the Boulder Co-Op Ordinance and we are honored that the City of Boulder has approved Sustainable Paths to serve as an Expert Cooperative Housing Organization (ECHO) to certify Boulder co-ops.

The ECHO third party endorsement is a necessary step in the City approval process to obtain a co-op license. Our training includes completion of several workshops on how to successfully create and live in a cooperative home, including:

• Consensus Decision Making
• Running Effective Meetings
• Managing House Finances
• Membership Building
• Conflict Resolution
• Being a Good Neighbor

The Co-Op Ordinance allows for 10 co-op groups to receive a co-op license per calendar year. Sustainable Paths Executive Director Neshama Abraham leads the ECHO Certification Process. She has certified the Folsom Funny Farm co-op, and will be heading the ECHO certification trainings for the Ingram Court Co-op now in development in Boulder. We also guide co-op groups thru the required steps to efficiently complete the City’s extensive Co-Op Application.

Step 1: Please fill out our intake form (below):

Download – New Co-Op Info Form

Step 2: Review the City of Boulder Application (below) that lists specific requirements to obtain a co-op license.

Download – City of Boulder Co-Op Application

Please contact us to learn more at

Sustainable Paths

Sustainable Paths is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization based in Boulder, CO, dedicated to creating more sustainability in people's lives. Three areas of focus include: creative housing options that produce resilient communities, the industrial hemp crop, and a Music of the Plants device that allows people to deepen their connection with Nature.

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