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Hemp Educational Events

Packed room for Hemp Extraction Forum held at the Boulder Public Library in August, 2017

Sustainable Paths is committed to helping educate stakeholders about industrial hemp. This sustainable crop can benefit the U.S. economy by creating jobs for farming families and entrepreneurs. The hemp plant is environmentally sustainable, needing little water (1/3 the water of corn or cotton) and no pesticides, plus it helps absorb CO2 at a rate 40 times faster than trees. Our team helps create public events on a variety of topics including forums for hemp farmers, technical workshops for hemp processors, seminars for lawyers and

The Hemp Farmer event during May 2017 drew a large crowd in Ft. Lupton, Colorado.

policy makers, and social networking gatherings for the general public. (See photos from public events we’ve created and run.) Please contact us if you would like an educational event about industrial hemp in your city whether in Colorado or across the U.S.

What is Hemp?

Industrial hemp is a sustainable crop that has been grown and cultivated for tens of thousands of years with an estimated 25,000 uses.  Hemp is NOT marijuana. The industrial hemp plant is distinguished from its cousin by having a THC concentration of 0.3 percent or less. Hemp is grown and processed in 30 industrialized nations. In the United States, 33 U.S. states have laws that allow for the growing of industrial hemp with farming in 12 states, including: Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oregon, Vermont, New York, Virginia, Illinois, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nevada and Hawaii.


Colorado builders apply industrial hemp as a sustainable insulation for the outside of this home

Industrial hemp is currently grown around the world primarily for food and fiber. In the U.S. the industrial hemp industry is re-emerging after an 80-year hiatus and is generating interest from many American manufacturing sectors including green building where hemp can be used as a sustainable building product for insulation, flooring, concrete, stucco, and structural products such as OSB. Additional applications for hemp include carpet, curtains, textiles, fabric, food, body care, hemp bio-plastics, and nutritional supplements.

Sustainable Paths team member Zev Paiss has been involved in the industrial hemp industry since 2012. He founded the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association which expanded to become the National Hemp Association (NHA) and served as the NHA Executive Director for three years through September 2016. Zev is a national consultant to hemp farmers, processors, and businesses to help rebuild the U.S. hemp supply chain.

Industrial Hemp Videos 

•  The HempFlax video above (2:47 min.) shows hemp growing, harvesting and processing

•  Industrial Hemp in Auto Parts (5:23 min.)

•  The Many Uses of Hemp (9:28 min.)

•  Hemp for Victory – made in 1942 (13:42 min.)

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For more about hemp, contact: Zev Paiss at: or call 720.925.5161.

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