Music of the Plants

Children learn about plants thru the Music of the Plants device

Music of the Plants

Music of the Plants is an original technology developed by Damanhur, an eco-spiritual community based in Italy that has been recognized by the United Nations for its leadership for the environment. Damanhur created this mobile machine to facilitate plant – human contact. The device gives children and people of all ages a real-time experience of plant communication. Damanhur Colorado offer a School Program to make these machines available in the classroom or any learning environment to hear the unique sounds made by plants and experience the healing relationship between humans and nature. The 2 min. video (right) explains how the technology works to allow plants to play music. 


Kimba Arem, founder of Radiance Health, a healing center located on the GAIA campus in Louisville, Colorado, works with the Music of the Plants device.


Teresa Helgeson, CHt, RMT, researcher and founder of Plant Music Therapy, studies the effect of plant music on people’s health. Her research has found people’s immunity is boosted from a 45-min. plant music session. In the 3-min. video (right) Teresa describes findings from her pilot study, including beneficial effects to increase human red blood cells and platelets as seen under a dark field microscope.  

The Music of the Plants technology allows children in the classroom to hear music created by plants






To hear an inspiring example of a live recording of a plant playing music, click the image of Kimba Arem (right), an internationally recognized sound healer while she plays the didgeridoo, in this 7-min. video. We offer presentations for educators and provide “Music of the Plants” machines for purchase. For more information, contact














Sustainable Paths

Sustainable Paths is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization based in Boulder, CO, dedicated to creating more sustainability in people's lives. Three areas of focus include: creative housing options that produce resilient communities, the industrial hemp crop, and a Music of the Plants device that allows people to deepen their connection with Nature.

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